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Linear Stage

ZNZ series consist of linear guideway unit and ballscrew unit. For saving space, ZNZ combine the carriage of linear
guideway and nut of ballscrew to a integral Carriage-Nut. The carriage-nut cooperate with the U rail designed for high
rigidity to achieve the high rigidity and high accuracy in the minimal space, especially to saving time of installation.
Moreover, the design of two rows with Gothic-arch groove and contact angle of 45°can bear four directional loading.


ZNZ High Precision Motorized Linear Stages, a motor-driven optimized modulized compound unit, is composed of ballscrews and U-rail. 

The specialty of this compound unit is widely applied to the precision machinery, semiconductor equipment and other equipments with accurate positioning requirement. 


The Features Of ZNZ Motorized Linear Stages:

Multitask design: 
This stage integrates the features of driven ballscrew with guiding U-rail. It can work with the optional accessories to be more convenient to the customers for apply easily.

Compact size and lightweight: 
U-rail is not only with the function of guiding, but being a table, that lessen the installation space and reach the best ratio of stiffness to weight by the optimized structure of FEM analysis. the smooth positioning motion with low inertia can reduce the energy consumption. 

High precision and high stiffness: 
By implementing our persistence in professional processing and delicate design, linear stage shows its specialty on high precision and stiffness. 

Easy to measure: 
Easy to measure the function of positioning accuracy, positioning repeatability, moving parallelism, and starting toque. 

Easy maintenance: 
This stage is on dust-proof and moisture which make the maintenance easily and could be recycling after it is out of order..